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This year the first technical level assessment results have
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    Recently, the results of this year's first technical level assessment has been released, the list of qualified personnel and failed personnel and make-up treatment is still not qualified personnel have been announced in the bulletin board posted. Although the assessment of the overall promotion for the number 202, a record high, but the number of failed still more, each department and workshop performance there is a certain gap, advanced into the largest number of mold manufacturing workshop, up to 21 people; the body shop promotion rate reached 100%; quality inspection department and equipment the maximum number of failed, were 6; five for make-up failed dismissal in four employees. It can be said that this assessment once again highlights the company's ability to train staff skills, increase employee income, reflecting the work of the workshop in the training of staff progress. I hope that the workshop and departments conscientiously sum up the experience and shortcomings, make persistent efforts, as always, to do a good job of training, training a team of skilled business staff.

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