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Factory greening work was praised by the king
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    Wang has been the landscaping, greening work as an important content in the construction, not only for the overall greening work carried out reasonable layout and adjustment timely, has also repeatedly battle personally, carefully examine the greening of the factory outside the factory, choose new kinds of trees, trees and trees guide trim work etc.. Under the positive influence of the total, the whole plant on the greening of the understanding has been significantly improved.
    The logistics department as the main management department greening, meeting at work on several occasions by Wang meticulous work guidance, will strengthen supervision and inspection and management, as an important duty to do the greening work. Liu took the lead, lead the grass and flowers, made an example for the staff; the logistics department staff to obey the command, take serious, often use the time after work for non work sharing regional health cleaning, environmental greening, construction of beautiful source contribution.
    Wang at the meeting on the work of the greening of the plant, in fact, is the recognition of leading cadres in place, but also for the staff of the Ministry of logistics performance affirmed.

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