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Jilin Liyuan refined Limited by Share Ltd - Company Profile
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    Jilin Liyuan refined Limited by Share Ltd (formerly Liyuan aluminum) is located in Liaoyuan Economic Development Zone, in November 17, 2010 listed on the small plates listed in Shenzhen. Company covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, construction area of 300 thousand square meters. The total number of 1600 companies. Among them, the middle and senior management and technical personnel 150.
    The company has workshop: Aluminum Alloy extrusion casting workshop, workshop, material surface treatment workshop, material deep processing workshop, Aluminum Alloy rail train head, body shop, mold manufacturing workshop, heat treatment workshop, machining workshop, glass doors and windows processing workshop, special material workshop. R & D center, inspection center, sewage treatment plant.
    Main equipment: hydraulic level automatic casting production line 8, Germany imported semak 160MN, 100MN, 60MN (forward and reverse double action), 45MN (forward and reverse double action), 36MN (forward and reverse double action extrusion) of a production line, the introduction of Italy 60MN double action extrusion production line 1 Sino British joint venture 85Mn; extrusion production line 1; domestic 36MN-6MN extrusion production line 19. Full automatic surface treatment production line; spraying production line 2; fluorocarbon production line 1; wood grain transfer production line 6; heat insulation energy saving profiles production line 4. Profile of deep processing equipment more than 300 units, which is imported from Germany: 30 meters of five axis machining center 4, 60 meters of Longmen CNC five axis machining center 3, 12 meters of five axis CNC machining center profile 3, 2 CNC bending machines, CNC planar laser cutting machine 2 sets, automatic NC cutting plate machine 2. The United States imports: L400M-2600-8000 skin stretching machine 1, A-12B-10000-WT-CNC pull bending machine 2, A135M-3D-12000-CNC pull bending machine 1. Italy imports: 312CN3.1V-COMAC vertical CNC roll bending machine 1 units. Austria imports: 1, RTi476-S150 m Longmen Aluminum Alloy type automatic welding production line 1, Longmen RTi500MT automatic friction stir welding production line 1 meters RTi476-S130 Longmen Aluminum Alloy type automatic welding production line. Mold workshop by the Japanese import CNC machining centers, EDM, wire cutting and so on the world's most advanced level of equipment 80 (sets). Heat treatment with 8 vacuum furnace, heat treatment of the largest workpiece of 6 tons, the hardness of the difference of 0.5 degrees.
    Our main products are industrial aluminum, aluminum profile, special section and various aluminum deep processing parts and products, Aluminum Alloy rail car front body. Annual production capacity of aluminum 150 thousand tons. Among them, 50 thousand tons of deep-processing products. Aluminum alloy car body 600, front 400. Aluminum doors and windows production capacity of 200 thousand square meters, installation capacity of 120 thousand square meters. Mold production capacity of 8000 sets. Glass processing: (hollow, laminated, tempered plates, etc.) 300 thousand square meters. Our products are exported to 18 countries and regions. Sales network covering major cities in china.

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